BLEMISHES – Our solutions

Hormonal problems, excess sebum, the accumulation of dead cells… many factors are responsible for a single phenomenon: appearance of imperfections. The skin’s surface becomes granular, leaving micro-cysts or other imperfections to form which are difficult to hide or eliminate without leaving indelible traces.

What you need:

  • Finer skin texture with smaller pores/span>
  • A smooth clean skin surface /span>
  • Skin which is healthier and cleansed of imperfections/span>
  • Advance beauty traitement
Having first applied our soft-peeling technique to cleanse the skin gently and thoroughly, apply our ACNO-LYSE cream to speed up the keratolytic and purifying action of its mild acid.

Sonophoresis generated by our ultrasound facilitates penetration of the active dermo-cosmetics and so efficiently absorb all impurities present on the skin’s surface and restore your skin’s cleanliness.