Slimming station

Thanks to the combination of exclusive technologies, you have in your hands a complete treatment station.

The NEWS SEQUENTIAL is the only equipment that enable to simultaneously and selectively treat superficial, deep and localized fat thanks to exclusive and non-invasive technologies.

The NEWS SEQUENTIAL is easy to use thanks to many details that offer an ergonomic application. The independent operator treatments associated to the localized actions of the two hand-held probes ensure efficiency with a high profitability.

The hand-held probes can be used during lipolysis stage activated by the pads.

Shoot right your target!

4 complementary actions

Immediate reduction of localized fat deposits

Visible results The LOCA-LYSE probe operates manually on limited areas having strong excess weight in order to visibly reduce the volume of adipose tissue.

1- Lipolysis of superficial fat

The 10 ultrasounds pads of low frequency act in a mechanical way on superficial fat by activating the process of metabolic lipolysis.Thanks to their 30 impact points, they participate in the reduction of the orange peel appearance and authorize the treatment of a very large surface in a single session.

1- Lipolysis of deep fat

The 2 ultrasound pads of middle frequency stimulate the nerve endings of sympathetic nervous system, which by induction, favor the lipolysis of the lower layers and thus the destocking of deep fat.

Firming and skin smoothing

The radio frequency probe (RF) allows to obtain a significant strengthening without surgery. This technique is today inescapable.

The NEWS SEQUENTIAL carries out a complete “slimming” action associated with a reshaping effect.

With the Sequential technology, patented by Advance Beauty, you get a major step and a maximum performance.

The NEWS SEQUENTIAL comes with:

• 1 pack of 2 pads with middle frequency signal to send 6 info-reactive emissions to the neuro-sympathetic system and favor the destocking of deep fats.
• • 10 USLF pads with low frequency, organized in 2 packs of 3 + 2 packs of 2 pads, offering 30 impact points on the superficial overloads to reduce the orange peel appearance.
• Example : 1 Pack of 3 pads with low frequency.
• 1 LOCA-LYSE probe coming with a biocompatible titanium resonator which insures perfectly the wave’s transmission.
• 1 RF probe which has an integrated temperature control and regulation system to ensure the comfort and safety of the customer.


A simple contact on the screen and the chosen treatment begins!

  • Extra-large color screen HD to guide your selection in an intuitive way.
  • Display of all the parameters of the treatment for an optimal comfort

The NEWS Sequential is perfectly movable and its congestion optimized.
The storage system of the various applicators offers you a practical access and only 5 cords connect the device to the 12 pads.
5 mobile shelves allow to organize very easily your session: saving of time and space.