The Science from results

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All over the world, men and women of today are attentive to the way they look, they are conscious of their image and their quest for wellbeing. All these legitimate demands must be taken into account by beauty professionals. We know that the issues they face come from many complex origins. Only an association of specific and complementary treatments can provide a cure, whether for skin ageing or for body slimming and toning treatment.

Advance Beauty offers exclusive approved strategies, based on the association of techniques and active principles, aiming to reduce ageing, rejuvenate the face, resculpt the body, improve the aspect of the skin; it is the “Science from Results”.


These strategies propose complete treatment programmes supported by PROTOCOLS providing a positive response to all beauty issues, along with immediately visible and lasting results.

All our treatments are designed with physiology in mind; they are painless and comfortable, fit perfectly into the universe of beauty clinics, SPAs and demanding institutes.

We ensure extensive practical training and will transmit our know-how and give you access to a wide range of MARKETING tools: brochures, posters, displays, a freely exploitable CDR of exclusive images to create advertising, training and promotion videos…