MATURE SKIN – Our solutions

Ageing is inevitable: lines and wrinkles appear, your skin loses its elasticity. The first symptoms are usually noticed when the skin starts to sag and becomes dull.

Causes are multiple: sclerosis of the tissues through a badly irrigated network of atrophied and clogged blood and lymph vessels, pollution, dehydration, thinning and sagging of the fibers which maintain the skin (collagen and elastin). We all want to keep or improve our youthfulness to experience a feeling of wellbeing, both literally and figuratively.
There are different solutions to resist the effects of time, some of which are radical: injections of filler products or facelift surgery. There are also physiological (or natural) solutions to preserve a youthful appearance by using preventive treatments based on metabolic stimulation. It is never too late to reactivate mechanisms which will stimulate cell activity in the different levels of your skin to give it renewed energy and a glow that you had forgotten.
Because the causes are multiple, the success of physiological treatments needs a variety of actions. For more than 10 years with its Concept ADM, Advance Beauty has been the first to propose complete protocols providing a synergy between physical non-evasive agents and dermo-cosmetic action.

What you need

  • A complete support program to enable effective treatment of all causes of skin ageing
  • A “gentle” technique which is efficient while non-invasive, avoiding any recourse to surgery or injections
  • A pleasant way of looking several years younger rapidly.

Recognized and validated techniques, perfectly adjusted to act in synergy, will offer you the best possible results. The combination of ultrasound (hydrates lines with a lifting effect), radiofrequency (firms and regenerates cells), soft-peeling (gives the face a youthful healthy glow) and Luminology (amplifies each technique thanks to the addition of light energy) offer multiple possibilities to act effectively on the marks of time.


The anti-aging dermo-cosmetics from our ADM Skin science 3.0 range will maximize these results by in-depth nourishment and regeneration of the skin and by rehydration of the skin’s surface.