SLIMMING & SHAPING – Our solutions

After pregnancy, during adolescence, at menopause or even after a period of over-eating, unwanted fat starts to appear. Repetitive diets no longer work and you begin to feel desperate about losing your spare tyres once and for all.

What you need:

  • To lose centimetres but only where you want
  • To observe a rapid and long-lasting change
  • To feel comfortable with your body and get your figure back.

It is possible today, after moderate weight increase, to obtain local loss of volume where you want without having recourse to surgery.

Cavitation offers you spectacular results right from the first session, thanks to treatment of a specific zone such as flabby thighs, love handles or the tummy.
Daily use of our Derma-Lyse gel, with its slimming and firming qualities, will reinforce the results obtained at your beauty institute with a long-lasting effect.