CLEAVAGE & NECKLINE – Our solutions

A telltale sign of ageing, the neckline is a sensitive zone whose fine skin is submitted to the same aggressions as the face without your giving it the same care. Following repeated exposure to the sun and other weather conditions, skin ageing accelerates, supporting muscles go slack and your cleavage and neckline lose elasticity.

What you need:

  • An innovative technique to visibly improve and tone your neckline
  • Better hydration and toning of the neckline to enhance your figure
Following the use of movements with the radiofrequency probe and our Collagen gel, the tissues gain in firmness and after a few weeks the skin is clearly denser. Use of the new sequential ultrasound increases the efficiency of the treatment by relaunching cell regeneration.[/one_half_last]

Lifting and restructuring dermo-cosmetics from the ADM Skin science 3.0 range will complete these results to nourish and tone the skin at all levels.