Unique technology Dual Action Sequential


Because of its EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY, US2A Sequential is the only device in the world to act simultaneously and selectively on 2 layers (superficial and deep) of adipose tissue with 36 points of impact. Every plate is built with supra-conductive ceramics exclusively designed to guarantee the highest [/one_half_last]


The Sequential mode principle, patented system, is based on a chain of ultrasonic sequences, different and non-repetitive. So the cells stimulation remains constant throughout the treatment to increase the results and guarantee maximum efficiency for the 100% of the session.

US2A Sequential favors lipolysis process. It is generally used to slimming and shaping treatments taking in charge large areas, so we can treat simultaneously thighs, love handles and belly for example.
Wide areas of treatment and free-hand technology make US2A Sequential a highly profitable device. On this new generation the results are increased thanks to the sequential mode.

With over 400 devices used in the world and 86% of satisfied customers, it is an unconditional key factor of your success.

Equipment provided with :


• 1 pack of 2 Medium Frequency pads (USMF) that send up to 6 inforeactive emissions towards the sympathetic nervous system and so help to release deep fat.

• Example: 1 pack of 3 Low Frequency pads

• 10 Low Frequency pads (USFL), arranged in 2 packs of 3 + 2 packs of 2, that can deliver 30 points of impact to the subcutaneous system for superficial fat, as well as reduce the “orange skin peel” effect.

Design et ergonomie :

Large interactive touch screen for an easy use
Only 5 cables connecting 12 plates to the device, divided into 5 packs
Storage plates system for the packs